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Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass

This pan seared Chilean Sea bass is a delightful and quick to prepare dish you can prepare at home and is just a great, healthy & flavorful dinner! You need very few ingredients to prepare this fish and you’ll have yourself a gourmet meal in less than half an hour. You can serve this fish with a salad and additional side dishes. As described in the recipe card, this sea bass dinner is Mediterranean Diet compliant and low carb.

Chilean Sea Bass is a white, flaky fish known for its thick and delicious flesh. It’s usually very expensive to eat out so this is the reason I love cooking this fish at home. I was surprised to learn that this fish was originally known as Patagonian Toothfish.

Prep Time

        Prep time: 10 minutes
        Cook time: 12 minutes
        Yield: Serves 4


    •    1 lemon
    •    4 garlic cloves
    •    3 hearts of palms
    •    1 tsp salt (divided)
    •    10 kalamata olives
    •    1 English cucumber
    •    1 romaine lettuce head
    •    3 tbsps freshly chopped cilantro
    •    4 Chilean Sea Bass fillets about 6 ozs each
    •    2 tbsps thinly sliced red onion adjust to taste
    •    6 tbsps extra virgin olive oil (divided) 1 tbsp for marinade, 3 tbsps for skillet and 2 tbsps for salad


  1. Make sure sea bass is thawed (if previously frozen). Pat dry each fillet with paper towel. Crush garlic with half a spoon of salt and 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil and apply the marinade evenly over the sea bass fillets. Let marinade (you can refrigerate if you need more time) for the time you need to make the salad.
  2. Add chopped romaine lettuce on a salad platter. Top with red onion, slices of cucumber, kalamata olives and sliced hearts of palms. You can add salt, 3 tbsps extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice (from half a lemon) right before serving salad.
  3. Place cast iron or a non-stick skillet on the stovetop, medium heat and add 3 tbsps olive oil (or avocado oil), give it a swirl so it coats everything. Once skillet is hot add the fish. Let cook for 2 minutes and carefully flip each fillet using tongs. Sear again for 2 minutes and flip on the other side and repeat until fish has thoroughly cooked on all sides. You need the outside of the fish to be golden brown and inside all white (no translucent).
  4. Remove fish carefully once cooked on all sides. Place on a serving platter. Squeeze lemon over each fillet, garnish with fresh lemon slices and cilantro.
  5. Serve right away with salad and any side dishes of your choices. Enjoy:)

This great family recipe is thanks to MEDITERRANEAN LATIN LOVE AFFAIR at


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