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Chicken Ravioli with Pesto and Veggies

This Chicken Ravioli Skillet with Basil Pesto and Veggies is an easy and quick gourmet pasta dinner! This family-friendly weeknight dinner takes only 40 minutes and is packed with protein and vegetables: asparagus, fresh tomatoes, and sun-dried tomatoes! Prep Time     •    Prep time: 20 minutes    •    Cook time: 20...

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Duck Breast with Fresh Cherry Sauce and Grilled Apricots

Marinates apricots in garlic and thyme, then serves them alongside slices of golden, crispy-skinned duck and a bright cherry sauce. Prep Time     •    Prep and cook time: 1 hour & 40 minutes    •    Yield: Serves 4 Ingredients     •    pinch of sugar    •    1 tbsp...

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Smoked Duck Rice Paper Rolls

Prep Time     •    Prep and cook time: 15 minutes    •    Yield: Serves 5 Ingredients     •    2 Luv-a-Duck Smoked Duck Breasts sliced lengthwise Rice paper roll:     •    3 sprigs mint leaves    •    1/4 bunch garlic chives    •    3 sprigs coriander leaves    •    ¼ iceberg lettuce, shredded    •    5...

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Sweet-Tart Duck Breasts With Fresh Cherry Sauce

Juicy, crispy duck breast on a bed of sweet-tart cherry sauce with balsamic vinegar and honey. What could be more delicious or impressive? I'd recommend this for the perfect stay-at-home meal. Baby greens lightly tossed in olive oil and lemon juice or super-creamy puréed potatoes would be the perfect accompaniments....

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Duck Rillettes

Prep Time     •    Prep and cook time: 2 hours & 10 minutes    •    Yield: Serves 2 Ingredients     •    2 duck legs    •    50 g sultanas    •    250 g duck fat    •    2 cloves of garlic    •    1 tsp shallot vinegar    •    5 sprigs of fresh thyme    •    50...

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