Our Wagyu Beef is from Tajima and is farmed in the Northern part of Victoria Australia.  Wagyu is described as the highest quality beef in the world, and is renowned for its distinctive marbling and flavour. Wagyu beef also contains a higher percentage of Omega 3 and Omega 6, and its increased marbling enhances the ratio of healthier mono-saturated fats compared to regular beef.

Wagyu Beef Patties (Mini) - 10 x 50gm
Wagyu Beef Patties - 5 x 180gm
Wagyu Beef Patties - 2 x 150gm
Wagyu MS8 Rib Eye Shabu Shabu - 250gm tray
Tajima Wagyu Beef Cheeks - 1.2-1.6kg
Chilled 1.4-1.7kg Tajima Wagyu Tomahawk MS5