About Us

Food As Pure As Nature Intended

Terra Madre is Singapore’s largest natural and organic food store and restaurant.

Terra Madre is committed to the wellbeing of our customers and of the planet and so we only stock high quality natural, wholesome foods from sustainable sources.

The origins of everything in our store are 100% traceable, none of our products contain chemical additives and all of our meat and seafood is antibiotic/hormone free.

We hope you’ll agree that our ‘better for you’ natural food range tastes fantastic and makes it simple to eat well.

Terra Madre Grocery Store & Restaurant

Visit our store and restaurant at Loewen Road to pick up your organic groceries in-person or enjoy a meal from our delicious Australian-inspired menu.

Our menu is vegan-friendly and showcases natural, quality ingredients. We also offer options with healthy meat proteins like grass-fed beef and organic chicken.

Find us at: Terra Madre, 71 Loewen Road, #01-02 Singapore, Singapore 248847

Restaurant bookings: Book online with Chope or call +65 6250 2052

What Our Customers Say About Us


Just discovered this new place! The food is really good, they were able to turn food I didn't especially like into something amazing.
The food is organic and fresh.
Location is quiet and nice.
Staff is welcoming and professional.

They also have a store next to the restaurant with organic products where you can find coffee, baking ingredients, sugar, chocolate, and many other things.

William C.

Highly recommend this place! The food is truly amazing and there’s a lot of unique flavours in the different dishes. A true highlight is the hummus, which even the biggest skeptic will enjoy. Definitely worth the trip!

There’s also a shop next door which has a great selection of organic food.

Firdaus A. M.

Food was delightful and the service was great. The freshest ingredients being allowed to stand out on their own.
We got the charred carrots + salmon, eggplant sandwich, butternut squash hummus & poached pear pudding. Enjoyed every single dish. Though it did take awhile for us to get our food.

Really liked the salmon with the carrots. Most places tend to overcook their salmon. They do it just right here. The skin’s nice and crunchy but the flesh is soft, moist and tender. It was served with a gochujang sauce that added a bit of heat. The carrots were crunchy and sweet. They served it with a tahini sauce that added a rich, nutty flavour to the dish.

Enjoyed our experience here. Will be back to try some of the other dishes.